Thursday, March 4, 2010

I can haz internets?

Ah, yes, TEasley has the internet. Finally. The second I got home, I started downloading music. I now have 2 gigs more of music added to my iTunes library. Besides for a few setbacks, the internet deal has been nice. Finally being able to play some MW2 online has greatly helped my psychi.

Because Ryan and I are going out this weekend, this marks the 3rd weekend of continues going out. I like the trend we are setting. We went out last night to Char's open mic night. I do believe that I rocked harder than anyone other than Marie. She...well, she rocked my socks off.

We have some lady friends over downstairs watching Telemundo. That channel, in HD, is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread. I will have to call my grandmother to teach me some of our native language. Everything seems to be going exactly as planned.

I have realized that I am not able to update this as often as I had planned, and Ryan never has time. So, if anyone wants to become a contributor, hit me an email.

Quote of the Day:

"Don't try to challenge me. I never back down." Said by my father while reminiscing about our move to TN.


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