Sunday, February 7, 2010

Planning the Next Move

Either this week or next, we will be moving into our own apartment over near Tech. You know how everyone loves helping people move? Yea, you know you love it. Help TEasley move and gain our love and affection if you are female and a bro-hug if you are a bro. This should be very, very interesting to say the least...

Quote of the Day:

"Cinderella is a snorer!" Said by Ryan while giving Timi a Bad Friend Card and being the best wing a man could ask for.

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Emmie/Your little sister/Someone who doesn't weigh as much as you said...

I wanna help! Kind of... Can I just like.. take pictures? I could dance in the background. Not well though. You've seen my moves. They aren't something to brag about.

The only quote I find important right now is "I can tell he likes you by the way he looks at you" - Timi Roberts. Oh yeah. He's mine. Take that ignorant fools!

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